Dr. Craig Ford Jr.

Educator | Theologian | Activist

Dr. Craig Ford Jr.


Dr. Craig A. Ford, Jr. is a professor, writer, speaker, and activist who is a trained theological ethicist and moral theologian. He thinks on topics at the intersection of gender, race, and sexuality, on the one hand, and the Christian and Catholic moral tradition, on the other.


As a publicly engaged scholar, facilitating conversation is integral to fostering deeper understandings and uncovering new connections. I have been fortunate to facilitate conversations at the intersection of theology, ethics, and the critical issues in our society today.


Writing, for me, is special because it gives me the space to think in public with persons past and present. But it’s also special to me for another reason: it allows for me to be in dialogue with others who care enough to read my own thoughts in conversation with their own. I’m grateful that my past work has helped me be in conversations with other scholars, with other leaders in the Church, and with activists doing the hard work of bringing a more just world into being. 


Teaching is sacred work. And, no doubt: it is work that is made more difficult in our current climate. But where others may resign themselves to living in a polarized world where we continue to isolate ourselves even more profoundly from one another, I see teaching essentially about breaking down walls.


Catherine Mowry LaCugna Award for Best Theological Essay

Catholic Theological Society of America

Beloved Community Social Justice Award

St. Norbert College

Donald B. King Distinguished Scholar Award

St. Norbert College

Future 15 Young Professional Award

Green Bay Chamber of Commerce

Founder’s Award

St. Norbert College

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